Tsentry Thunderstorm Email Warnings

Tsentry is an add-on program to Nexstorm that allows the instant distribution of alert emails when a thunderstorm is detected within a predetermined radius of the lightning detector.
The emails give the type of warning, compass bearing & distance from the detector, strike rate and peak strike rate.

If 30 minutes passes with no lightning strikes in the storm area then an "All Clear" email is sent.

Thunderstorm Alert Email

Coverage Area for Thunderstorm Warnings

In the case of Lochaber Weather, the alert range has been set at 200 miles (322km) so any thunderstorms detected within this area will prompt the alert emails to be sent.

If you would like to receive these Thunderstorm Alert emails then please send your details, including your email address, using the Contact Form with the "Department to Contact" set at "Thunderstorm Alerts ". Your details will then be added to the list of recipients and you will receive a confirmation email.

Your details can be removed from the system at any time, just email or fill in the Contact Form requesting removal and include your email address in the request.